This is due to the new strategy of Warner Bros., the implementation of which the company began after a series of resignations of managers responsible for production. First of all, the changes will affect solo projects about Joker, Batman and Flash.

It is already known that the new film about Joker directed by Todd Phillips, the shooting of which will start in the autumn of 2018, will be low-budget. The budget of the picture will not exceed 55 million dollars. Perhaps the film will be the first in a new series called DC Dark or DC Black.

The future film about Flash will be made in the style of a fantastic film “Back to the future” and will lose the gloomy atmosphere of the comic book. It is expected that the shooting of this picture will begin in the first half of 2019.

Batman will be younger in the solo film directed by Matt Reeves than in Zach Snyder’s films. If the script is approved, Ben Affleck will leave the project.