In early June, the comic-division of the Studio Warner Bros. lost two leaders — Diane Nelson and Geoff Johns. After that, the management of the DC film universe was in the hands of Walter Hamada, producer of successful horrors “It” and “The Conjuring”. According to sources, Hamada intends to rectify the situation with the film adaptations of DC comics.

After the January appointment, Hamada has spent several months figuring out numerous DC projects, promoting ones and removing the others from the schedule. “He has got a real mess and now he is trying to correct the situation,” — says the source.

20 Dec saw the release of “Aquaman” by James Was, and 2019 will see “Shazam” and “Wonder woman 2”. Moreover, there have been several DC projects in production that should be released in the near future.

On June 6, it became known that Warner Bros. started working on a solo film about Joker, where the role of the mad clown will is played by Jared Leto. In parallel, there is a picture of Todd Phillips about the origin of the character, the main role in which is still played Joaquin Phoenix.

The shooting of the Phillips’s film should start in autumn. The budget is estimated at $ 55 million, which is much less than a typical superhero project. The picture can be released under the heading of a new record label called DC or DC Dark Black.

Many fans of the movie universe are also worried about the fate of “Batman”, the director’s chair of which is taken by Matt Reeves, the director of “Planet of the apes.” According to one of the sources, Reeves’s scenario is that Batman will be much younger. It is unlikely that Ben Affleck will try on a bat costume again.

An interesting situation is around “Flash”. The film has managed to lose a few directors, and now it is directed by Jonathan M. Goldstein and John Francis Daly, scriptwriters of such a blockbuster as “Spider-Man: Return home.” Ezra Miller is still listed as the main role actress, but the film about the fastest man on earth will be different from the usual pictures of DC.

Goldstein and Daly are going to use “Back to the future” as a basis for a solo film about Flash, though they have not specified how they are going to do that.

Sources also note that Hamada plans to completely abandon the idea of scenario rooms, which have recently gained popularity in many studios. In addition, the producer and his boss Toby Emmerich intend to stop the practice of prematurely announcing premiere dates for future releases.

“Walter has very precise plans for the universe, – said one of the sources, – he has a plan.”