Decor of bedroom is easy to do with your hands, if you give freedom to imagination and imagine how should look the room of your dreams. It is not necessary to give a tribute to fashion, which is changeable as the weather at sea, and try to repeat the idea of the master design, which surprised the world with exclusive decor of bedroom.

After all, only you can know what are the most suitable cushions to the interior of the bedroom, and with what decorative elements can be adorn stylish relaxation room. Perhaps chic decor items, which will be discussed in this article, will fall to your taste and your bedroom will turn into a real paradise.

Decor of bedroom: the role of the canopy in the interior of the rest room

Bed – the main piece of furniture in the bedroom, which, like any representative of the fairer sex does not like competition. You want to feel like a queen, and transform a room in luxury holiday apartments? Do not rush to buy expensive antiques and gilded candelabra for candles. Indeed, any bed can be a great bed of the goddess of beauty, if you decorate it with a silk canopy.

Color of the fabric can be any, but more importantly, that it is not dominant in comparison with other items of decor of the bedroom. By taking a canopy of red, you can make red sails, floating above your bed of love, where you and your loved ones will enjoy nfinite the spent of time together.

Opting for a blue cloth designed for tailoring of the canopy, you will be able to admire the skies around you while relaxing in bed. Regardless of the choice of color fabric canopy is ideal for decoration of bedrooms of romantic natures and those who love in a special way to decorate the interior of their home.

Decor of the bedroom: the choice of textiles

Linens, blankets, carpets, napkins – a modest list of textile decoration items that can make the bedroom one of the most comfortable rooms in the house. When choosing clothes for a bed or a blanket for the cold floor, keep in mind the unity of style interior bedroom.

Use the valuable recommendations of the professional interior designers:

  • choose textiles for rest rooms, sewed of the same type of fabric – natural or artificial;
  • pick up in tune with the color textile interior decor items;
  • create homespun blankets, covers for chairs, capes for chairs with your own hands.