Children’s room is an area of the smallest member of the family, so you need to carefully approach to its design and scenery. It is important to think through every detail:

Secure bedroom.

The best thing would be furniture made of wood – a natural and environmentally friendly material. Note the absence of protruding, sharp parts over that a child might stumble.

Calm overall tone.

Children have an active life outside the home – at school or kindergarten. Therefore, coming home, he or she has to get into a more relaxed atmosphere, which will help to get down his or her excitement and high activity. Experts advise to prefer warm olive, pink and yellow tones and avoid purple and bright red colors.

Available setting.

Surely you want your child to become self-sufficient as soon as possible. All furniture should be arranged so that the little master could reach out everything by himself.

Many small details.

Looking at the small whorls on a carpet or wallpaper, according to experts will help your child to develop his or her imagination.


As children’s room decoration fresh flowers in pots or drawers can be used. Containers with flowers will look especially beautiful when they are decorated with your own hands: with a cloth, colored paper, beads, tinsel, colored stones, threads or Christmas toys.
The mirror for the kid. It is worth paying attention to the correct selection of the mirror for the baby. Here we must take into account the area, age, and other details. By the way, psychologists say that a child becomes a person when starts to recognize himself or herself in a mirror.

Wall design can be accomplished in several ways: painted walls, colorful wallpapers (homogeneous ones or combination of two or more kinds of wallpapers), stickers, wallpapers, white crayon wall, wall mural, glass photo panel (such décor is appropriate in the room for pretty adult children).

Boxes for toys can be hidden under a sofa (bed) or be integrated in the furniture or stairs of bunk beds (available on stock models have built-in drawers).

If you decide to arrange a room in any style, the color scheme will depend on it. For girls such styles will be interesting as stardust, “Princess Castle”, “Enchanted forest”, “Dollhouse”, “Travels and Countries”.

Boys are interested in such theme rooms as “Adventures”, “Travel”, “Sport”, “Pirates and Treasures”, “Machines”, “Music”, “Researches”, “Robots”, “Nature”.

Get the child’s the interest with the original and practical things: a wall clock in the form of the wheel or wheels of the motorcycle; dumbbell-alarm clock or runaway alarm clock; boxes for small items as treasure chests, beautiful seashells as bookends.

And remember: the design of a child’s room is a creative process and always cooperative with the child (ren). This process should bring joy.