Design of hallway in light colors: photos

Design of hallway in light colors

Photos of the design of the light hall can be found in any thematic printed and online edition. Main feature of this color in the interior lies in its ability to visually increase the space and fill it with light and freshness. White hallway has many other benefits.

Design of the kitchen in light colors: photos

Design of the kitchen in light colors

Do you have difficulty choosing the color for kitchen decoration? Pay attention to the classic light kitchens that never go out of style, look neat and perfectly complement the interior of any apartment. Such option is rightfully considered a win-win, as right combination with accessories and other color solutions makes your kitchen very unusual. It cannot be said that light tones are banal and boring. They are perfect for the interior of the kitchen (especially small).

Light furniture is a perfect solution for those who like to often change decoration, as you can hang a new wallpaper, repaint the walls, make a contrast “dark floor — light kitchen”, and everything will look harmonious. We should note that light furniture goes great with both warm and color colors. Light colors work great with natural materials — stone, wood and bamboo. They are actively used and have proved effective in the design of the kitchen in ethno- and eco-style.

Design of the living room in light colors (photos)

Design of the living room in light colors

Light color is a classic for the living room. They make it warm and comfortable and increase the space. In this, light colors don’t oblige you to choose classic style of interior. It can be Provence, high tech, Scandinavian and many others, which correspond to the fashion trends of the season.

Light colors for the design of the living room leave room for imagination. You can choose a design concept and add some of your personal wishes, make a room completely independent or combined with other elements. You should know that:

  1. light colors go well with furniture and accessories made of natural materials, for example, with wood and ceramics;
  2. light shades of the walls, floor, ceiling and furniture can always be “diluted” with bright contrast details – carpets, lamps and paintings;
  3. light interior is easy to change and refresh, if you change the focus – replace the bright red cushions on the beige sofa with the pastel green ones, change the color of curtains, etc.;
  4. light colors help you to relax and create the atmosphere of peace.

Design of the bedroom in light colors

Design of the bedroom in light colors

Choosing the design of the bedroom, you first need to determine the color scheme. Modern designers offer a huge number of options for the most demanding taste. The most versatile of them is a design of bedroom in light colors. It gives a sense of freshness and purity, calms and will always remain actual.

Design of the children’s room in light colors

Design of the children’s room in light colors

Light shades in the nursery look very elegant, see for yourself.

Design of the balcony in light colors

Design of the balcony in light colors

Modern classic interior design of the balcony combines aesthetics and functionality, as well as hospitality and warmth of the space. After finishing all the necessary repair works, you should insulate the floor. Laminate is a perfect floor covering. The color of wood is not especially important, but if the furniture will be light, you should give preference to the dark tones (besides, it is practical).