Today country life becomes for the inhabitants of large cities not only seasonal whim. More and more residents prefer the year-round charm of cottage settlements, nice cottages, living in the outskirts and suburbs, because its more better the city noisy.
Your piece of nature, encased in a frame of house perimeter, can and have to please your eyes not only in sunlight. Twilight, late evening – its great opportunity to enjoy the surrounding landscape in the artificial light. It will be perfect, if you include the wiring layout in primary design of croft, but every rule has exceptions.

You need to be warned, if you are ready for installation landscape lighting on the backyard or garden area, because it is danger to work with electricity. You need to take lining of cable networks, isolation, the installation of solar cells and timers for yourself, only in case of absolute confidence in your abilities. Most likely, the possible consequences of mistakes and safety considerations will dictate you to contact to the company with a decent reputation.

Of course today in shops you can find a way to illuminate the garden paths and to identify the most problematic places of the relief without the use of electricity. To cope with the darkness solar energy, which is accumulated in the batteries of the cordless lamps, will help you. Fireflies-lanterns can be put in the ground, hang in necessary places.

Not required, but desirable is to install the sufficiently powerful lighting around the perimeter of the garden area or the backyard. You can save energy, making them glow time to time, for example, they can be included only when a sensor is triggered by motion, simulating the reaction of the vigilant guard.

Finally the real art will be using of color filters in the lighting of other points of your landscape. The installation of the outdoor string lights on the bottom surfaces of tables, benches, benches lets you to get the amazing effect of soaring and easiness of garden furniture. Openwork arbour, which is lighted from inside and outside, will strengthen the fabulous entourage of the evening hours. Also the installation of curbs with built-in outdoor string lights provide illumination of paths, steps, differences of the terrain and safety of moving. But the common mistake is excessive brightness of lightings, which deprives evening garden of his mysterious charm. So try to stick to the golden mean.

The quality of installed lighting will guarantees year-round evening transformations: and equally well at all times of the year look coniferous composition, evergreen lawns.