Tastefully chosen dining table rugs are a very important part of dining room or dining area decoration, which sets the style of interior.

Blend the dining table rugs with the space of dining room

When you choose the dining room rug, you should take into account the size of your room. If it is small, one little rug is quite enough. And if you have a large dining room, it is better to buy a few rugs in the same style and place them symmetrically.
The form of the rug should be chosen according to the room. Apart from the traditional combinations “rectangular room- rectangular rug”, you can choose more interesting form of rug, for example, following the contour of the table.
Besides, the dining table rug takes part in the color decoration of the dining room. You can choose the rug to match the present home decorative elements (for example, cushions, pictures and lamps). The rug pattern must also match the overall style of the dining room.
The material is also very important. It must blend with the floor covering.

Choose the rug to match the dining room style

Classic style

Many people associate the dining room with “antique” massive furniture, large dining tables and elegant chairs. In this case, the rugs in classic style are quite suitable.
It is better to choose the rug colors to match the furniture, wall covering and floor coloring. The rugs in chocolate-brown, red, blue and rich green shades will look beautiful. The white rugs will match the classic interior with the black furniture.
The rug pattern must be classic- roses, bouquets, fruits, flower garlands, etc.

Contemporary style

The “hi-tech” dining room belongs to this style. Contemporary style is characterized by the bright and original furniture. That’s why the dining table rug must be well matched with it. The general tone of dining room decoration can be neutral. And the original design rug will be a bright color spot.

Exotic styles

These styles have recently become more and more popular. The rug with fanciful oriental patterns fits for the interior in Arabian and Indian styles. The beige one-colored rug whose texture resembles a traditional tatami for the Japanese interior.
The arrangement of dining room is a very laborious but pleasant task. Beautiful and cozy dining room with comfortable furniture, completed with the elegant rug, will be the oasis of comfort in your apartment.