Thinking over the design your garden-plot landscape, you should equip the recreation area with some water components, such as pond, stream or even better- waterfall. However, if you wish, you can make a combine three of them perfectly; especially as the sounds of murmiurous water has soothing and relaxing effect. Even 15-20 minutes of such “water session” create the feeling of peace and relaxation.

The great variety of materials allows creating the waterfall on your garden-plot with your own hands. Besides, it is possible to arrange the waterfall even on the territory of small garden-plot. The main thing is to carefully think over the line of falling water, so that it blends with the ambient space. But if the backyard is small, the construction must be simple.

There are different kinds of artificial backyard waterfalls:
It’s worth noting that even the small waterfalls can introduce an attractive look of water jets and freshness to the atmosphere of the private backyard. This beautiful decorative element is often included in the overall design of rock garden, pool or artificial pond.

However, there are other variants of the artificial waterfalls’ arrangement. We’ll tell you about the most popular options:

  1. Table with waterfalls. To start with, there are tables in any backyard, for example, in the recreation area, summer kitchen or for the serving of light repasts and drinks.
  2. Wall fountains are the walls, created by the water jets. They can look very differently, but the most popular are the vertically falling string, creating a beautiful curtain. But the water jets, falling along the house front, look no less effective.
  3. Grottos with the waterfalls are the compositions of water and stone. They look unusually attractive and give the pleasant feeling of coolness, which is especially important on a hot summer day. The artificial stone is usually used for the creation of such compositions. It would be good to include the waterslides to the design. And the colored lighting will be a perfect complement to the composition, adding it beauty in the hours of darkness.
The waterfall or cascade will blend perfectly with the landscape design of any garden-plot.