Cooking kebabs in the open air is still very actual in our time. However, barbeque also gains popularity. The term “barbeque” itself has several meanings.

First of all, barbeque represents picnic. The second meaning of barbeque is that it’s a special device for frying. And the third meaning implies the dish itself, cooked with the help of such equipment.

In the twentieth century new advanced models of barbeque appeared on sale. They were equipped with grills and lids. These models have already gained popularity in the European countries. Such devices are called “smokers”.

The main meaning of smokers is the “smoke”. The use of barbeque-coppers implies cooking by way of roasting food in open or reflected heat. You can cook either under the lid or without it. Smoker also acts as smoking shed and stove.

If you complete such device with a great volume, a possibility to control the temperature range, a wide range of time for cooking food, you’ll get quite new equipment with a lot of functions, called smoker grill. The main sizes of smokers are marked as King, Queen and Prince. What’s the difference between these markings? So, King represents the biggest smoker grill. Such grill has a vertical frying compartment and a large horizontal compartment with two lids. Queen has smaller size and one lid, situated in a horizontal compartment. The models of the type “Prince” don’t have the vertical compartment at all.

Mostly, the smokers are manufactured in Switzerland, America, Germany, Belgium, Poland and South Africa. Such equipment can be used both in private houses and in public catering establishments (it is most often used in the restaurants of catering service).

The smoker has thermometer, located in the vertical and horizontal compartments. The smoker is also equipped with the ventilation dampers and exhaust pipe. On the outside, this device has the shelves for improvised material, hooks for hanging instruments, and the bucket for the storage of condensate and fat. The smoker also has seven removable frying grills for food. Except for these devices, the smokers are provided with the shelves for skewers, situated in the furnace and the horizontal compartment, the telescopic rod over the furnace, the removable volume splitter and the diffuser damper in the horizontal compartment.