The ordinary changing table is nothing more than wooden table on high legs, equipped with the special changing place in the form of comfortable impermeable mattress, surrounded with protective sides. If the table has extra shelves, located under the table top, it resembles cabinet-bookshelf. This model of changing table is suitable for the storage of necessary hygienic accessories, diapers, nappies, etc.

The changing table organizer is a heavyweight among the changing tables. In contrast to the ordinary chest of drawers, it has not only drawers and lockers, but also the changing place with soft impermeable bedding, enclosed with the sides.

All the advantages of changing table organizer are present. It is very firm, steady, and has a long-life performance. The combination of drawers, lockers, open shelves and recesses allows lo locate all the child’s accessories inside (from the bed linen and clothes to the cosmetic preparations, packs of diapers and toys). The removable plastic containers, completed with changing table organizer, allow keeping the child’s sanitary articles (cream, powder, baby wipes) at hand.

Choosing the changing table organizer, take into account not only its overall dimensions, but also a size of changing place, where the baby can be situated either with its feet to the mum, or sideways. Surely, the narrow organizers are more compact. But it’s not quite comfortable to dress and treat the child lying across the changing table organizer, especially because there is a protective board between the baby and the mother. So, if you choose this model, you must provide the possibility of passage from the side. The broad organizer will “eat” much room space, but it is more spacious and comfortable to use both for child and for mum. There is ample space here for child’s growth, exercises and massage. And it is easier for the mum to care for the child, especially as the communication face to face is always more pleasant.

The compromise settlement is the organizer with the cap, folding forward. If you choose the organizer with in-built bathtub, you can move it yourself within the house. If the bathroom contains organizer, it remains here at the time of bathing. After finishing the water treatments, you should only take the baby out of the bathtub and put it on the table with the prepared nappy and changing clothes. There you can leisurely wipe and dress the child.
You can choose the changing table organizer matching the child’s room interior.