We all think about the beauty of our house. Especially now, as the choice is so wide. How can we choose all the elements of apartment decoration, not to upset the general idea of the design in your favorite style? It would be mistakenly to fill your apartment with all things peculiar to the certain style.

Styles of interior

There are a great number of different interior styles.

Perhaps, classicism is the most universal interior style of any apartment. The interior design in classic style is characterized by some “showiness” of decoration, tendency to luster and richness, but at the same time austere geometrical layout. But don’t be mistaken about classicism, thinking that you can “pile on” a lot of décor and rest on your laurels! Classicism is defined by restrained décor. All the details of interior harmonize with each other and look rich.

Now it is very popular to use the elements of Hi-Tech style in the interior design. This is due to the fact that the new technologies have long ago become an integral part of our life. We use them everywhere, especially at home. So it is necessary to place the household appliances in such in the apartment in such a way that they don’t attract attention and blend with the rest of interior. Hi-Tech is the combination of modern technology and comfort. The differential peculiarity of Hi-Tech interior design is that all the household appliances are in sight. Hi-Tech places emphasis on the show of all achievements of modern science and technology.

You can often find the apartments, designed in style of minimalism. It is popular with young and busy people, living singly and being home rarely. The choose minimalism as this style reflects their way of life: clear, decisive, without unnecessary details. So, we can understand what represents the apartment designed according to the principles of minimalism: minimum decorations and articles, some “dryness” of the room, the use of light colors and minimum furniture.

The favorite interior style of the designers is modern. This style of design is characterized by twisting and smooth outlines and pronounced tendency to asymmetry. The furniture is made with the use of natural motives, representing the distinctive feature of modern.