Bedroom is the most private room, intended for complete rest. It is important that the bedroom design creates the feeling of calmness and peacefulness. Color, light, furniture and textile must provide special, romantic atmosphere.

Bedroom style

The bedroom can be designed in any style, according to your taste preferences: classic, Scandinavian, ethnic, minimalism, country, shabby style, Provence, Oriental, vintage or African style.

Coloring in the bedroom style

The color depends much on the chosen style. For the romantic bedroom is shabby style choose pastel shades. The combination of black and white is perfect for the modern bedroom. It is not recommended to use the too bright color abundantly.

Textile in bedroom design

Textile plays an important role in bedroom interior. The bed-clothes, bedspreads, plaids, curtains and carpets must go well together and match the general style of interior. It often happens, that even a single plaid can change the design of the whole bedroom and create bright and unusual atmosphere.

Approach the choice of the bed-clothes seriously. The white bedding fits any interior, while the patterned one must be selected very carefully.



The bedroom curtains must be dense and don’t transmit light. It’s better to use the window decoration out of combined curtains and tulles. Such variant allows creating necessary natural lighting. And if you’re used to sleep in the afternoon, the curtains will darken the room completely.



The bed plays the leading role in this room. Its look must match the chosen style. The bed can be decorated with canopy. Such element will blend well with classic or mixed bedroom style. The bed can be also completed with upholstery headboard (or the forge one, made of rattan). Choose the suitable option for your bedroom style to emphasize the style of apartment.