It’s not easy to make the bedroom interior cozy and homely. It’s necessary to choose the proper furniture, arrange it and think over the lighting and coloring of the room.
Before starting to create the bedroom interior, you need to choose the style and color of accommodation.

The style of bedroom
The bedroom in style “shabby chic” will fit for the young girl and classy natures: pastel colors, elegant furniture, fabrics and wallpaper with floral print, ruches and china figures.
The young bachelor will like “hi-tech” style. It is characterized by the simplicity of design and color, constructive decisions, simple lines and minimalism.
The Scandinavian style will suit for the married couple, preferring the furniture of simple forms, made of natural wood, minimalistic décor and bright contemporary style.
The elder married couples often give preference to the classic bedroom interior style. Such interior will be always actual. It will hardly bore you with time.

Bedroom color score
The bedroom color score mostly depends on the chosen style. Anyway, it is better to choose quiet colors and shades.
The light colors are suitable for the bedroom in “”country style”. The wooden items of interior and pieces of furniture will look perfect. The combined texture of light wood and milky color is one of the new trends in the interior design. Such combination looks noble, but at the same time very stylish.
The bedroom in “hi-tech” style can be designed in bright colors. Black and snowy colors will also do. “Hi-tech” style is characterized by the strong contrasts. Any pure colors and bright shades fit for this interior style.

Bedroom furniture
After determining the color and style of your future bedroom, you can start to choose the bedroom furniture.
The bed is the most important element of the bedroom interior. In small rooms, the bed is usually located in the center of the wall. The bed can be decorated with the upholstered headboard. The symmetric bedside tables look very beautiful. You can place a lamp, a few books, a small vase or statuette on it.
The dresser for storage of bedding can be also located in the bedroom.
The bedrooms of small apartments can be equipped with the wardrobe. It can be a clothes locker or a sliding-door wardrobe, completed with the furniture suite, pier glass and a small chair.

Working on the design of your future bedroom, plan every detail very carefully. After all, you spend the most of time in this room.