It’s so wonderful to prepare grilled chicken with golden crust, grilled sausages or meat with the homemade sauces.
Although people always connect the rest with trips abroad or to seashore, it’s a human nature to relax on the landscape, out of country, in the country-house, or just spend a good weekend in preparing barbecue.
Such rest is always interesting, unusual and inexpensive. Isn’t it marvelous to go to the river, put up a tent, kindle a fire and grill sausages? And if you have a country-house, it’s a sacred duty to gather in the family circle, fire sauna and grill tasty chicken.

Formerly people used metallic grilles for cooking. These grilles squeezed the product, and, taking the wooden handles with both hands, a person had to rotate it carefully over the fire. Nevertheless, this method has one serious disadvantage. The inconstant temperature effect on the product can result half-done inside and overdone outside. After all, it is very difficult to keep up the fire with throwing fire-wood.

But now the fans of country recreation can buy a gas grill. Its construction turns grilling into pleasant and easy pastime. In this device, the infrared radiation of burner affects prepared foodstuff like the embers of fire and creates the natural effect of grill. You just need to lay the product on the grill and turn them over after a while. They will be fried on both sides and evenly baked inside. You can also use this grill for heating food. By the way, this grill allows cooking or heating up to 10 kg of food at a time.

It is quite practical to have a gas grill. You can take it with you to the country, as is can easily go into the trunk of any car. The approximate dimensions of gas grill are: 400 mm in height, 540 mm in width and 440 mm in depth.

However, the gas grill can come handy not only in the country or at the cottage. It can be easily used in the apartment. Taking a little space, it’ll help you to prepare wonderful grilled chicken for supper or juicy grilled sausages. And even if the gas or electrical energy is suddenly cut off, you can use this simple device for cooking.