To perform the exterior lighting of your house duly, you need to know some nuances, helping you to solve this problem with minimal losses. Therefore, if everything is made properly inside your house, it doesn’t mean that you must do the same thing outside, as there are some differences between internal and external wiring. These differences concern the materials and wiring devices, used for their performance.
On the outside the open wiring is exposed to different climatic influences. So, it must meet all the necessary standards. At that, it not only increases the visibility of ambient space in the evening, but also creates the specific decoration of the house. Before starting to install the exterior lightings around the house, it is necessary to build the cable of exterior lighting.

Let’s start to choose the outdoor lamp

All kinds of light sources are used for the exterior lighting. But the impact of adverse weather conditions will result in the necessity of lamps’ repair and the damages which you’ll have to fix. That’s why it is the best thing to use the outdoor lamps, specially intended for these purposes.

There are several kinds of exterior lamps
– lamp bulbs;
– floodlight;
– lantern;
– outdoor lamps.
You can also use halogen lamps or light-emitting diodes, linear halogen lamps, having a low cost and small size but high power. They’re often used for the exterior lighting.

The floodlights with the capacity of 120-2000 W can be also used for the exterior lighting. The floodlights are intensified with the reflectors of different power, degree of protection and source of light. Such floodlights can endure rain and storm without any additional protection.

The lantern are mounted on the walls or poles and intended for the decoration of the plot. Their lighting is controlled with the help of switches with timers or photo cells. They emit the scattered light.

Apart from the above mentioned lamps there are many different kinds of lamps, built into the walls of the houses, stone paths, mounted on the poles, hanged in the form of garlands.

If you want that the exterior lamps serve you long, lighting your plot, choose the production meeting European requirements.