A relevant issue for many users is to recover deleted Word document, or a lost document. I think that everyone has experienced a problem of losing a document. For example, you were typing something important in Microsoft Word and there occurred a failure. After opening you do not find anything, or the document does not open at all. So, we have prepared an article where we will tell you what you can use in order to recover deleted word document.

How can you recover corrupt Word document?

When you tried to run the document file you saw an error message.

There are already several recommendations in case of various errors. For example, you can make sure that there is enough disk space, and whether you have permission to use the document and edit it.

In this case, we can retrieve deleted word document with the help of Word. Just open the Word program, and then go to the left to the item “Open” and select “Browse”.

In the opened Explorer, you should look for the document that you want to open, click on it once to make its name appear in the “file name”field. Then you should select “Restore text from any file” from the drop-down menu and click “open”.

If the document is very large and you have applied many styles, it is not always successfully restored. Sometimes a part of the text disappears, or there is text, but without formatting styles. The main thing, of course, is to restore the integrity of the document.

Recovering of a Word document (second way)

So, it is clear that the first method does not always help, though, it is worth trying it. Let’s proceed to the next method.

Again, open Microsoft Word and go to the file menu, then click on the “Open “and “Browse” buttons. Find the damaged document and click on it. Then click on the “Open” button and select “Open and repair”.

How can you recover lost word document?

Sometimes a file can get lost, you can’t find it anywhere. In this case, the program at pandorarecovery_com usually backs up the document. If you want to open it, you need to act as follows:

Open the Microsoft Word program and go to the “Open” menu, then click on”Browse”. Remember the place where you have saved the document and navigate to that folder. In the pop-up tab, you should select “All files” and look for the lost document. Focus on the name and date. Sometimes such a document can be called a “Backup…”.
In case of failure, you can proceed to another method. Open the search box in Windows and enter the extension of the backup file Word — *.wbk. It is more likely that such a file will be opened, but the point is that it may not be the same name and may not coincide, so everyone will have to open and look.


AutoSave in Word or how can you restore unsaved word document.

Usually the program automatically creates backups of the document after a certain period of time. They are usually found along the following path: C:\Users \ Username \AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Word.

The names of the auto-saved document can start with the word “Autocopy…”, and the format of such files will be *.asd. If you want to open such a file, you should double-click on it.

Bonus option – a program to recover microsoft word document.

We have never been interested in third-party Word recovery programs, but they can help if the above methods haven’t helped you. An example of this is Disk Drill. This utility is, unfortunately, not free, perhaps, there are analogues. If you want to recover deleted Word document with Disk Drill, simply install it on your computer and check the drive for lost or damaged documents.

The program will find the documents and show them in your window with real names. If you wish to restore anything, you should highlight them all off, and there is not much left to do after that.