Newborns are fragile, that the first time it is even scary to take them on hands! Desiring to protect children, we try to pick up for them all the best. Particularly important is the choice of bed linen and cots, as newborns spend almost all the time in their “bedroom”. Here it is necessary to keep an eye out!

On what to pay attention when buying furniture and bedding?

Firstly – the quality of materials

Furniture for children’s room simply has to be environmentally friendly, made of natural materials and coated with hypoallergenic enamel.
As for bedding, there are the same “rules of the game.” We must look for natural materials: cotton, linen, jersey, satin, silk. And do not believe that synthetic is accessible, natural linen also can be bought cheaply, it also keeps warm, very strong and has a high hygienic properties, preventing allergies.

Secondly – completeness

Furniture for the nursery, as well as bedding, is often bought a set – and more comfortable and more beautiful and cheaper than individually selected. Standard variant – wardrobe, bed, chest of drawers (ideally, it’s also a changing table).
In the crib we need a standard set of clothes (we recommend to buy them at once 2-3 – at first you have to wash them really often!), as well as a protective bumper. In today’s world baby changing is almost virtually abandoned, and now is playing the role of assistant to the bumper that protects the baby from bumps.
Also important is the canopy. It seems that it has only a decorative function, but it also limits the penetration of light into the crib, creating comfort and ensuring a strong healthy sleep.

Thirdly – the color palette and design

“Children – children!” – This simple rule will not allow you to make a mistake! The colors and design of them should be appropriate: pastel, candy, cream – pleasing the eye. Linen and furniture in the nursery – it’s the first thing the child sees, waking up, and the last – falling asleep. Psychologists have proved: linen colors and color cots affect children’s sleep and dream scenes, providing the positive, or on the contrary, a negative effect, stimulating the nervous system and causing nightmares.

So what should be avoided? “Adult” palette “under color of the interior” (the sin of many young parents): purple, “acid”, the black tones in the children’s bedroom is not the place. So replace the thought “buy bedding in the color of the vase” to “buy bedding, so the baby grow up healthy and happy!”For children with poor appetite needed sets of “sweet” colors: caramel, honey or coffee with milk, cream … The kid will eat for pleasure! Heavenly shades are good for mental activity, pale green calm and uplifting floral prints.