This is a data recovery utility from Runtime software developers.
To date, this program is one of the most powerful and effective in its field and provides an opportunity to restore information in any situations that provide the ability to return data programmatically. It should be said that this developer has divided its program into two separate types – the first one is for NTFS file systems, and the second one is for FAT. This article will focus on the utility for FAT file systems.

Before download partition recovery software for Windows, you should immediately be warned that its installation should not be carried out on the hard drive from which you will need to restore the data, because otherwise the information you need can be re-recorded. The installation of the utility should be carried out only on some third-party drive.

GetDataBack NTFS

It is one of the most widespread software for partition recovery and disks among all existing programs today. Unlike the second type of this utility, designed for resuscitation of files from FAT systems, this type of program is intended mainly only for hard drives that store files on the NTFS system.

Before restoring the data, you should be sure to remember the main rule: never install a data recovery program to the hard drive from which this data were lost, because you may lose the files you need during the installation process. This windows recovery partition also should not be held to the hard drive, from which these data are returned.

Important rule: in any case, the information should not be restored to the drive from which it disappeared. In this case, the first files will hardly be restored, when the remaining ones can be completely deleted, after which they will not be returned even by professionals working with such situations with the help of specialized complexes.

Easy Recovery

This is a high-quality program for remote free partition recovery, which is now used not only by specialists in the field of file recovery, but also by ordinary users.
Such versatility of this utility is provided by the fact that it is extremely easy to use, as well as its effectiveness in front of many other similar programs.

Independently restore data from HDD Scan.

The HDD Scan program is a fairly common best partition recovery software, and in particular, it is widespread due to the fact that it has an extremely simple interface, and at the same time allows you to achieve high performance of data and disk recovery.

Also, an additional advantage of 7 Data Recovery Tool (Disk Drill) is that there is no need to install it, that is, if you are just going to return your information once, then the utility can simply be run from the original archive you downloaded, but if you are going to continue to use the program for our own purposes, it will be enough for you just to move all the contents of the archive to any convenient folder, and then run the program from it.

Description of Victoria program

Victoria program today is used by quite a number of different computer users, and is intended primarily for diagnostics, maintenance, as well as assistance in the process of disk partition recovery, of deleted data from any hard drives and recovery of disks using the interface Serial ATA and IDE.
In particular, the universality of this program is ensured by the fact that it simultaneously combines household and professional functions, whereby the testing of the drive can be carried out even by those people who do not have any specialized knowledge in this field.

Recovery of files and disks in R-Studio

R-Studio is an extremely simple, convenient and at the same time multi-functional program for recovering deleted data and restore deleted partition from a variety of storage devices, which are quite popular today. In particular, the usability of this program is achieved by the fact that it has a pretty nice interface.
R-Studio scans different drives, restores information not only from hard disks but also from many other drives, including USB sticks, CDs and DVDs.