The methodological basis of writing a dissertation research is a set of scientific approaches used by the applicant to achieve the goal of the dissertation research.

The task of the applicant is to ultimately describe in detail and justify each method to confirm the fact that they have knowledge on the subject, as well as the ability to the correct choice of writing a methodology for a dissertation.

All this determines how accurate and reliable the results will be obtained and how they can be applied in practice.

What should one write in a methodological basis?

In “methodological framework” of the thesis, you should list only the most basic techniques used by the applicant or use dissertation help.

Special techniques that can only be used in a particular methodology for dissertation:

– legal modeling,
– mathematical modeling,
– semantic modeling, etc.

Professional dissertation writers give examples of special methods in the fields of science
Jurisprudence — the formal legal and comparative legal tools, types of legal modeling, approach of legal norms interpretation, etc.;
Economical — economic-mathematical modeling, margin (limit) analysis, functional analysis, statistical ways of research in economic conditions, etc.;
Psychological — talking tool, questionnaire mode, psychological analysis of the process and products of the biographical method, etc.

Scientifical dissertation methods – have no reference to particular science and are used globally:

– synthesis,
– analysis
– deduction,
– induction,
– foresight
– experiment, etc.

They, in turn, are divided into:

Theoretical approaches – the main components are (under methods): from abstract to concrete, idealization , formalization, etc.

During the reasoning (ascent) from abstract to specific, the qualitative dissertation original object is divided in the imagination into a certain number of concepts (entities), characteristics. They determine the weight of each item, the percentage impact on the whole, how it changes its properties, down to quite the opposite. After that the object itself is mentally restored.

The approach of idealization to bring complex systems under conventional common base is characterized by simplification process.

In dissertation services this is done for the assistance to eliminate the influence of objects that interfere with understanding the essence of the studied process. Such fictional models in reality do not exist.

The mode of formalization structures the object of study by means of signs, symbols, numbers, formulae, etc.

Experimental way; the aim is identification of characteristics and patterns occurring in natural, valid-unnatural and extreme conditions.

In order to consolidate the validity of the results, any experiment can be repeated. It is divided into such methods as observation, comparison, creation of certain conditions (scientific modeling).

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