It turns out there is such job as space organizers or storage consultant, who can quickly decide how to arrange the space of your house, workshop, office or shop. For example, you can make it comfortable, structured and functional. (it reminds of a job of a supermarket merchandiser).

Such people are familiar with all possible storage systems; they know all the life hacks and, most importantly, like to organize everything.

Real masters keep a lot of creative materials in their offices. Sometimes, it results in a terrible disorder! So, it’s time to stop accumulating and start using Diy Craft Room Organization Ideas! We will tell you how the creative person can do it.

1. Adapt the shoe organizer for your purposes.
The shoe organizers hanging on the door are very comfortable, don’t they? In this case, you can keep there something more than just shoes. Moreover, it doesn’t take much space and won’t be out of place.

2. Not only for the towels
Another household item that can be useful is a towel rack, where you can hang your working tools.

3. Forget about hooks
Another type of towel racks can be easily converted into the paint shelf.

4. Use the old wire shelves with the other purpose.
Do your wire shelves collect the dust? Think about it— they’re perfect to store the paints!

5. The shelf for spices and little things
Small details, such as buttons, can be kept in order on the usual kitchen shelf for spices.

6. No space on the horizontal surfaces? Use the wall!
You can easily turn the frame or board into the magnetic surface for small metal containers.

7. Sign the jars.
The little “tagged boards” will help you to quickly find the place where the things are stored.

8. More jars!
You can also use the jars for keeping the yarn, pulling the strings through the lid. It will save the valuable resource from tangling.

9. Large pin cushion
You can turn any nice photo frame into the pin cushion. Just wrap the metal sponge in the fabric and put it into this frame!

10. Velcros are not only for the kid’s shoes
Do you use many different types of paint and glue at once? Save them on velcros— it is a practical, comfortable and elegant way.

11. Think about perforated panel
It is an essential attribute of every workshop. Decorate it to your taste and create your own ideas for storage.

12. Consider the location of in-built storage spaces
Isn’t it beautiful? All the necessary equipment is pulled outside in one move. Pretty and practical!