What toys does a boy need? This question is often no doubt for many parents because they know what their kid needs, and especially that in any case he does not need. Future men to grow up smart, strong, active – in general, a “real” man, need: cars and all equipment, pistols, swords and other weapons, and, of course, erector sets. For the little ones sometimes bears and bunnies are allowed. But – dolls?! It is not for the men! Is it really so?

The boy is also a person!

At the behavior, activities, interests, and even thinking -at all these things you can see a traditional stereotypical division into male and female. However, any stereotypes lead to a rigid and inflexible behavior. A lack of flexibility in the world, which is required a variety of responses to at least a variety of situations is a big disadvantage, and simply disturbing. Man-Defender is certainly necessary and useful, but not the only male role. Besides going on a kind of identification of strength and courage only with the appearance: the muscles and arms.

But a man can have, along with purely masculine qualities also traditionally, ascribed solely to women (emotional, subtle feelings of other people, etc.) and thus clearly considered himself a man, and judged by others as a man. In addition, in many professions – doctor, teacher, actor – these so-called feminine qualities are absolutely necessary.

Different toys are important

The appearance of the doll in the hands of the boy often cause negative reaction and even frightens parents. The children from an early age will adapt their behavior in accordance with the requirements and expectations of adults. So the boys are no longer interested in dolls, and focus exclusively on the machines and erector sets. However, the doll cannot turn the boy into a girl or make him too soft and feminine. If a child has certain problems with the gender evolvement, a ban on playing with the dolls would not solve them.

Since the infant age boys, just like girls, need a variety of dolls. At first it may be nest dolls and weeble wobbles. Closer to the second year of his life you can offer the traditional plastic or soft stuffing pups, which should be taken care of: feeding, cradling, bathing, etc. Of course, the baby doll needs at least a minimum set of clothes, better with hook-and-loops, and other most necessary accessories.

At the age of 2-3 years old offer a small child from 5 to 18-20 cm dolls for playing a variety of subjects. First, let it be simpler to just the intended persons as a boy and a girl, or the whole family. Such pretty open characters are needed in a game with a wide range of roles. It would be great, if these figures are moving arms and legs. From the age of 4-5 years dolls with defined roles: soldiers, doctors, firemen, etc. can be added to this set.