Every room of apartment needs its own unique lighting. For example, the kitchen requires functionality, while the bedroom needs subdued lighting, plunging into the thoughts of rest and relaxation.

The art of placing lighting devices includes not only visual aesthetics, but also combination of human requirements with the most beautiful items in this or that room. It is important to get rid of dark corners and emphasize the most interesting elements of the apartment. The suspended lamps are indispensable in this respect. Such lightings combine elegance and ergonomics. The suspended lamps with drum lamp shades go even further, offering their owners visual attractiveness and flexibility.

The suspended drum lamp shades can be used in different ways, creating either subdued or directional lighting, depending on the necessity and the place of their location.

Clear and functional

One of the main advantages of such lighting is that they give clear space perception. These lightings fit perfectly for the small apartments. Though, the floor lamps can give the same amount of light, they take a lot of space, in contrast to the suspended models.

Clear and bright lighting

The suspended lightings fit perfectly if you need to light some element of interior. This quality is especially important in the kitchen or dining-room.

Color and contrast

The designers always used lightings for giving new color to the apartment, style and pattern. Though the lamp is usually chosen according to the existent color score and style, sometimes it is necessary to do quite the contrary. Such method will add zest to the interior.
The drum lamp shades acquired this name due to their form. These lamps are considered the most universal lighting devices and can blend with any interior.

The suspended lightings in the form of drum are used as the main light source of apartment.

Creative lamp shade allows expressing your individual style and zest to the home interior. The lamp shades will add it creativity and attractiveness.