Duplex is a Latin word that means “twice” or “double”. This is an apartment building, divided into two parts. It is comfortable for two independent families living under one roof. The first duplexes emerged in Great Britain in the nineteenth century.

Duplex projects imply separate communication planning.

This allows each family to pay only for the light, gas, water used by it. A household plot can be planned in a way convenient for the builder. It can be divided into two equal territories, separated by a fence. If several generations of the same family or close relatives live in duplex, it is not necessary to split the territory.

The projects of economy class Duplex House Plans Indian Style 30 40 are characterized by a small living area.

These are usually single story houses, whose walls are made of glued beam (they can be also made with the use of frame technologies). The layout of the building contains minimum number of rooms: kitchen, bathroom, hall and bedroom. At that, one half of the house must be the mirror image of the other. Luxury duplex cottage involves the turnkey construction of a two-or three-story building from more expensive building materials (mainly with the use of frame technologies).

Project plan of such houses implies the location of garage and other auxiliary premises on the first floor, while all living rooms should be situated above. Here you can also conveniently place the covered terraces, billiard room or sauna. Two-story project of duplex implies the following layout:

  • living room
  • kitchen and storage spaces are located on the first floor.

On the second floor, it is comfortable to arrange the bedrooms and nursery. As a rule, both floors have bathroom. This layout allows you to isolate the private zones from guests and relatives.