The equipment of the modern kitchen furniture is usually well planned. It’s very convenient to use. But visiting some specialty stores and markets, you can notice a lot of different devices, which make everyday housework more attractive.

Portable container
There can be free space in some kitchens between single pieces of furniture. You can use this space to make a pullout roller container, serving as storage for different things. It is made of coated wood particle board. Its’ dimensions depend on specific conditions.

Local lighting
To improve the lighting on the kitchen worktable, you should install a fluorescent lamp and a socket (or the set of sockets) under the hanging cabinet. You’ll need it for the connection of the kitchen appliances (mixer, coffee maker and mincing machine).

Portable worktable
Such table is used as a basic working place both in the kitchen and the terrace, and in the garden. It is very easy to transfer this table from one place to another, since its legs are equipped with the rollers. The materials for its manufacture are overlaid plywood, bars and laminated wood. The table has four drawers and a sliding tray.

The recipes are always at hand
Almost every housewife sometimes uses the cookbook or notes in her own exercise-book while cooking. You can build special cases for the storage of this literature, which can be placed on the ordinary shelf. The height of the hanging cabinet must be no less than 70 cm.