Popular these days and frequently used by the designers of the private houses, rustic style emerged in England in the late nineteenth century. At that, some specialists consider USA as the homeland of this style. It is fair to say that this design direction, deprived of pretentiousness and refinement, reflects the everyday life, customs and habits of the rural residents from different countries.

Therefore, today, farmhouse style decorating is divided into American, Scandinavian, French, Polish, German and Dutch. In all regions with the original folk style, one can find some common features that bring together various directions of farm style. In such houses, all furniture items are made of natural materials: wood, stone and metal. Natural textile (chintz, wool, canvas and flax) is widely used in the country interior. The rooms are adorned with decoration items and accessories, made in a craft way.

For example, American style is characterized by the large wooden furniture (wardrobes, rocking chairs and chest), painted with ornaments.

The wide beds must be covered with blue checkered quilts. In the American South, cottages have other design. There are a lot decorations and household items of the Indian culture: chairs and sofas, upholstered in leather, round fireplaces, colorful carpets with magic drawings and silver statuettes on the massive dressers.