To perform some types of works, one can’t do without the assistance of professionals. However, most devices can be repaired on your own. The construction of a faucet  is very simple. Therefore, it can be attributed to such products.

First of all, let’s find out what a bath faucet is. Bath faucet  is a plumbing device, necessary to perform accurate and clear regulations of consumption and temperature of water running from the tap. This is its main task. As a rule, due to the low quality of tap water, a faucet  is vulnerable to certain damages and need bathroom faucet repair. The most frequent damage is a failure of bath faucet  body. It is often related to the fact that a lot of poor-quality products are available on the market, as our entrepreneurs prefer cheap Chinese bath faucets. In this models of bath faucet , the body is usually made of poor-quality materials, which significantly decreases the service life of bath faucet .

Besides, the quality of rubber sanitary products, used in the production of bath faucet , leaves much to be desired. If we add to this the high rigidity of tap water, as a result you can get a very unpleasant effect in the form of sudden leakages in the most unpredictable joints and folds and further bathroom faucet repair. Therefore, we recommend you to pay attention to the quality of these details of bath faucet  and use only the high-quality products. Another important factor affecting the lifespan of bath faucet  is its competent installation.

The most popular bath faucet repair of single lever bath faucet  is a failure of bath faucet  cartridge. Bath faucet  cartridge is made of two ceramic plates are fitted so tightly together that they can withstand the pressure of water and turn it off. Therefore, the cartridge of single-level bath faucet  is very sensitive to sand particles, rust or scale, which are often present in tap water. That’s why the presence of high-quality systems of tap water cleaning in your house is a key to health and longevity of your sanitary ware without bathroom faucets repair. It is easy to replace the cartridge. It is very important to correctly handle the purchase of new cartridge, as diameters and shape of this element can be different. You need to buy a new cartridge considering these characteristics.

The second most popular reason of repairing bath faucet is a low water pressure. This is a signal that aerator is clogged. It must be removed and cleaned, and in case of severe clogging- replaced. Actually, for the high-quality and long-lasting work of your bath faucet , you should clean the aerator regularly (once in 1-2 months). This type of bath faucet repair is easy, and almost everyone can do it. It is very easy to turn the aerator and rinse it under running water or blow it. Due to these actions, you will not need repairing bathroom faucet for many years.