It is not necessary that the modern house should be very large. Experts argue that the space of 28 m2 will be enough for one person for a comfortable life. Typically, projects of small houses are one-storied houses. Although, at the request of the client, you can complete a full second floor or implement an inexpensive project with an attic.

Projects of small houses are made extremely rationally, because on rather small area it is necessary to place all rooms which will provide comfortable residence of all family. Therefore, the living area is increased to maximum by minimizing the size of technical and subsidiary premises.

In projects of small-sized houses, space is organized in the same way as in any other project. But there are nuances that are caused by the need to save a useful area.

Designing the small modern houses, architects minimize the use of internal partitions. Thus, different in their functionality rooms are combined into a single space. For example, a living room, a dining room, a kitchen are grouped into a day area and are separated only visually – with the help of design techniques. The design of a small house allows you to rationally use every square meter of useful area. Thus additional rooms remain isolated.

Bedrooms of family members, bathrooms, dressing rooms form a night zone and are arranged in such a way to protect maximally the personal space of the house residents from strangers. If the house is two-storied, then the night zone is taken there.

People try to design household zone, consisting of bathrooms, boiler room and other utility rooms in minimum dimensions.

To use productively non-residential space, they try to limit the number of corridors and transitions.
If the house is two-storied, it should contain two bathrooms. In order to reduce costs when installing utilities, they are placed one above the other. In a one-storied house the bathroom is placed so that it has a common riser with a kitchen.