What do we call “modern” style in interior design? Straight lines, sharp forms, a minimum of accessories and décor, what is created contrary to the traditional view of comfort.

Judging from the title, “modern” means “today”, the “here and now” interior. But in widely sense modern interior design is, first of all, direct contrast to the traditional style.

Less is better: uniform surfaces are instead of the convex reliefs, cloth with a neutral figure or without patterned prints, at least accessories are instead a lot of little things on shelves and art galleries. If modern style hasn’t warm comfort of classical interior, it does not mean that it is repulsive and uninhabitable.

Strong accent of the lines and shapes (two components of a brilliant design) determines the energy of the modern style. This is the interior of open spaces, what are rich in natural light and air. It does not tolerate confusion and chaos, each its element becomes significant.

White, beige, grey, black are included to the favorite palette of modern style. Monochrome and color scheme tone on tone let the lines and shapes to come to the foreground.

Actual design made popular open spaces. It’s not just huge and empty rooms, but almost a work of art, is the inside of modern architecture.
If you like to walk barefoot, even on the tiled floor, then modern style is just for you. It rejects carpets due to their addiction to smooth solid surfaces. Not covered floor can be made from different materials, but especially actual in modern interior design is light wood (maple, ash), dark wood (wenge), natural stone, granite tiles or cement floor.