If you need to hide the basic surface ceiling construction (it can be concrete slab or wood constructions on boarding joist), the most experts see the only way to do it. They recommend making of the false ceiling.

Such constructions have been used in building for a long time. Veneer was once used as the material for false ceilings. But because of its expensiveness, it is now replaced by more qualitative and cheaper materials.

The experts call this method of smoothing and decorating of the ceiling surfaces “dry”. As compared to the plaster, this way allows avoiding mud and splashes. You will not have to cover floor and walls of the accommodation with nonpenetrative protective films.

Such construction has many advantages. For example, you can level the most curved ceiling without spending too much time or money. Moreover, false ceilings are represented in great variety of design solutions. Two-level ceilings are the most popular among them.

But false ceiling have disadvantages as well. Given construction hides a part of the ceiling height.

Therefore, constructing false ceiling, you must specify the distance from it to the basic surface. One small inaccuracy- and you’ll always hit your head against chandelier.

However, as a whole, using of false ceiling constructions simplified a problem of leveling and decorating of the ceiling surface.