Data recovery from hard disk drive, flash drives and memory cards is an expensive and, unfortunately, sometimes demanded service. However, in many cases, when the hard drive is accidentally formatted, it is possible to try a free program (or a paid product) to recover important data. Due to the competent approach, this will not entail further complication of the recovery process, and therefore, if you do not succeed, then specialized firms will still be able to help you.

You can see the best professional data recovery software, which are paid and free, from relatively simple, such as deleting files, to more complex, such as damaged partition structure and formatting, can help to recover photos, documents, videos and other files, not only in Windows 10, 8.1 and Windows 7, but also on Android and Mac OS X. Some of the tools are also available as bootable disk images for data recovery procedures.
It should also be borne in mind that the best data recovery software should follow some principles to avoid unpleasant consequences, more about it: data recovery for beginners. If information is critical and valuable, it may be more appropriate to reach out to professionals in this field.

Recuva is the most famous best data recovery software for pc.

Recuva is the most “untwisted ” program for data recovery. At the same time, you can download it for free. This software allows the novice user to recover deleted files easily (from a flash drive, memory card or hard drive).

Recuva allows you to search for certain types of files — for example, if you need photos that were on the camera’s memory card.

The program is very easy to use (there is a simple recovery wizard, you can also carry out the process manually), and the official site is available as an installer and portable version of Recuva.

According to the tests, only those files that were deleted and, at the same time, a flash drive or a hard disk were almost not used (i.e., the data was not re-recorded) are confidently restored. If the flash drive was formatted in another file system, then it is more difficult to restore data from it. Also, the program can not cope in cases where the computer reports “the disk is not formatted.”


PhotoRec is a free utility that. Despite its name, it can recover not only photos, but also most other types of files. At the same time, as far as we can judge from experience, the best free data recovery software uses different algorithms, and therefore the result may be better (or worse) than in other similar products. However, the program has coped with its task of data recovery well.

Free data recovery in PhotoRec.

Initially, PhotoRec worked only in the command-line interface, which could serve as a factor that could scare novice users. When the version 7 became available, there appeared GUI (graphical user interface) for PhotoRec and the use of the program became much easier.

R-studio is one of the best data recovery software.

Yes, indeed, if the goal is to restore data from a variety of drives, then R-Studio — one of the best programs for this purpose, but it is worth noting that it is paid.
Data recovery in R – Studio

So, here’s some information about the possibilities of this program:

Data recovery from hard drives, memory cards, flash drives, floppy disks, CD and DVD

Restoring RAID (including RAID 6)

Repair of damaged hard disks

Recovery of reformatted partitions

Support for Windows partitions (FAT, NTFS), Linux and Mac OS

The ability to work with the boot disk or flash drive (images of R-studio are on the official website).

Create recovery disk images and then work with the image, not the disk.

R-Studio file search options

Thus, we have a professional program that allows you to recover data that has been lost for a variety of reasons — formatting, corruption, deletion of files. Messages of the operating system that the disk is not formatted, is not a hindrance, in contrast to the previously described programs. It is possible to run the program from the bootable flash drive or CD-ROM, if the operating system does not boot.

Disk Drill for Windows

Initially, the Disk Drill program existed in the version only for Mac OS X (paid), but relatively recently, developers have released a completely free version of Disk Drill for Windows, capable of quite effectively recover your data — deleted files and photos, information from formatted drives. At the same time, the program has an excellent user — friendly interface and some features, usually not available in free software-for example, creating images of drives and work with them.

Data recovery in Disk Drill for Windows

If you need a repair tool for OS X, you should be sure to pay attention to this SOFTWARE. If you have Windows 10, 8 or Windows 7 and have tried all of the free programs, Disk Drill will not be superfluous. Learn more about how to download Disk Drill free data recovery software for Windows from the official website.

File Scavenger.

File Scavenge is a program to recover data from a hard drive or Flash drive (as well as from RAID arrays). This product has amazed us more than others. It has managed to “see” and restore those files from USB stick, the remnants of which were not even supposed to be detected, as the drive has been formatted and re-recorded.

Example of data recovery in File Scavenger

If any other tool hasn’t managed to find deleted or otherwise lost data, we recommend trying this tool. An additional useful feature is to create an image of the disk from which you want to recover data and then work with the image in order to avoid spoiling the physical drive.

File Scavenger requires the payment of a license. However, in some cases, you can do even with a free version.