7 – Data Card Recovery – a program to recover information on SD and microSD.

Program 7-Data Card Recovery is a part of package 7-Data Recovery Suite. It will help those users who have lost files on their SD cards as a result of formatting or unintentional deletion. All standard Android file formats for audio, video, and images are supported. Given the features of Android, the list is not so wide, but it is more than enough for the program to recover deleted files from sd card.

7 Data Recovery (Disk Drill) recovers data only from the external memory of the mobile device.

The most popular card types are SD Card, SDHC, Compact Flash, xD Picture Card, MicroSD, Memory Stick.

Appendix 7-Data Card Recovery is installed on your computer. If you want to find sd card recovery, you need to connect it to your computer via the card reader. Once connected, a list of removable storage devices will be displayed and you need to select the SD-card By the way, the program works with local disks, so the scope of this tool is much wider than it seems at first glance.

Note. In addition to Card Recovery, Android Data Recovery edition is available. It works with internal memory of tablets and smartphones. The program is compatible with popular mobile brands like Google, Samsung, Lenovo, Fly and others.
Card Recovery is a highly specialized software for recover photos from sd card and video recovery on SD memory card.

Although there are dozens of programs to recover from memory cards and flash drives, not many of them can boast of a good track record and real, not marketing functions of recovery. The CardRecovery program is considered to be a“veteran” on the recovery applications market. If you examine the list of removed scenarios, case studies of users of supported cards, manufacturers of digital cameras and file types – in general, it becomes clear that we deal with a professional tool for intensive care unit SD
Key feature of CardRecovery – is SmartScan, which allows you to find  recover deleted pictures from sd card and video recovery. This can be especially useful if the SD card’s file table has been destroyed after formatting or corruption. Deep search function is available in the Recuva program, but CardRecovery performs a quick analysis of multimedia formats.
Disk Drill is a recovery program with a simple interface and extensive support for storage devices.

Disk Drill is a relatively new application in the data and sd card photo recovery. A small program has collected a full complement to work with removable media. There are editions for both Windows and Mac OS. Accordingly, the list of file systems includes NTFS, EXT, ExFAT, and HFS+. It doesn’t matter for the program what you connect to the computer – USB flash drive, SD card, camera, etc.

A nice bonus is that Disk Drill allows you to recover up to 100 MB of files. Therefore, if you need to restore just 5-10 files on your SD-card, download SD card recovery software and it will not be interchangeable.
DiskDigger is a professional memory card recovery software for Windows and Mac OS.

The desktop version of the DiskDigger program supports most external storage devices, including USB flash drives and memory cards. A characteristic feature of the program – the presence of two file recovery modes: Dig Deep and Dig Deeper. The mode of Dig Deep scanning will be suitable for most scenarios of file deletion: formatting, corruption, deletion. DiskDigger recognizes (ex)FAT and NTFS file systems of SD cards without any problems.
Dig Deeper scan mode is designed to recover specific file types. For example, you can limit searches to jpg format photos or doc format documents. A complete list of deleted file formats is available on the official website.
Previews are available for all media file types. Another useful feature is that you can create a virtual image of a SD card in VDI format and then safely recover the SD card without the risk of overwriting its contents.