French provincial house design is the personification of romantic spirit of France. This rustic style reflects the national traditions and culture of the country.

These are the comfortable country houses filled with sunlight, warmth and the tastiest smells of home-made pastry, energetics and smells of environment. Everything here disposes to the settled and unhurried way of life, rest and serenity. As the rooms and the windows of these houses are quite small, there is a necessity of visual increase of the room space. That’s why the finishing and decoration of rooms are performed in light shades.

The apparent simplicity of this style is delusive. Its’ realization requires impeccable taste and careful elaboration of the smallest interior details, as it is very important to capture the feeling of old, comfortable and tidy house.

To make the right stylization of the furnishing, one should understand the philosophy of rustic life in France and familiarize oneself with its distinctive features, the main of which is the use of natural materials: wood, stone, metal and natural fabrics.

Color score

Choosing the color score for the decoration of country interior, you should give preference to the pastel, slightly muted colors: beige, sand, milky, grey, olive and lavender. As for the bright color accents, choose green, blue and brown.


The provincial style became popular due to the presence of antique furniture in the interior. The wooden furniture is made of walnut, oak or chestnut. However, forged furniture is also welcome.

Antique or artificially aged buffets, encrusted with floristic patterns, sideboards, bookcases and low dressers create a unique atmosphere of the house with rich history.

The details of interior

Creating the provincial style, one should pay special attention to the careful elaboration of details. Beautiful faience and china tableware, ceramics, elegant forged chandeliers and lamps, painted flower-pots, the tablecloths and napkins out of natural fabrics (openwork or chorchet work) – every article gives its touch to the environment.

The lovers of everything French are able to create the paradise corner in their own house, decorating it in their favorite style.