Artificial flowers are the element of decoration, representing the flowers made of different materials- paper, glass, plastic, etc.

As it is known, flowers are the best decoration for the room. They add it inimitable charm, complete and revive it, reproduce the atmosphere of nature and promote relaxation. Unfortunately, the beauty of natural flowers is ephemeral. That’s why people always thought about the creation of artificial flowers. According to the archaeologists’ research, the first artificial flowers appeared in Egypt long before the Common Era. They were used for the decoration of the houses, haircuts and dresses. People sacrificed artificial flowers to the gods and covered the tombs of Pharaohs with them. In Ancient China the artificial flowers served as festive decorations together with the famous lanterns. Later on, the residents of ancient Greece and Rome also mastered this art.

But only many years later, in the middle of the 20th century, with the advent of the new technologies and materials, the manufacture of artificial flowers came to a higher level- the flowers became not only more qualitative but also affordable to anyone.

The process of their making is a laborious task, requiring a lot of skills and knowledge.

The naturalness of material and plainness of style combine with the infinity of human imagination.

In our time, the artificial flowers acquired a great importance, as they have a lot advantages over the natural ones: you don’t need to transplant them, cut the dry leaves, fertilize, treat and water them- they always look well and don’t require great effort for their maintenance.

You can easily go on a long business trip. You won’t have to worry that your plants will fade without care. In addition, sometimes it is impossible to grow natural flowers because of the peculiarities of accommodation (if it’s too dark, dry, hot, or has the smell of stale smoke).

The artificial flowers are indispensable as the decoration of shopping centers, hotels, café bars, restaurants and other public establishments.

They’re also widely used by the arrangement of holidays and celebrations. For example, at weddings the cars of newly-weds are decorated with flower garlands or compositions. Real flowers are rarely used for this purpose, as at the time of driving the wind can break their fragile stems. But the artificial flowers will keep their beauty.

The artificial flowers can be also used for the decoration of your house.