The history of manufacture of the first Bradley smokers starts in Canada, recognized by the world community as the most environmentally friendly country of agricultural products. The first model of Bradley Smoker appeared in Canada in the 1970s.

The Bradley Smoker is intended for the long-term cooking of excellent food for you, your family and friends. Today’s cooking food at home implies healthy qualitative food, pleasure from the process of cooking and the convenience of equipment- you’ll be able to realize it all with the help of Bradley Smoker. Bradley Smoker allows you to make cold, hot, uniform and plain smoking, using one device!

The company Bradley Smoker makes everything so that you’re satisfied with the qualitative result and the process of smoking. The smoke, produced from the molded coal Bradley, is four times as pure as the one derivable from the use of sawdust. The automatically removable molded coal Bradley will prevent the formation of high gas temperature and acids, worsening the taste of your smoked products.

The electric digital Bradley Smoker is compact and easy to use. It’ll help you to cook the dainty dishes by means of cold and hot smoking. The variety of molded coal Bradley will help you to cook different kinds of dishes. The smoking recipes, developed by the chefs of Bradley, will make your menu of smoking even more various.

Nowadays, the process of smoking by means of electric digital Bradley Smoker is completely automatized. The smoker controls the temperature range on its own. It means that the temperature will never exceed the critical mark. The use of electric smoke generator makes it possible to control the smoldering of sawdust, pressed into the briquettes for the ease of use and possibility of timely replacement.

The electric digital smoker can produce smoke automatically up to 9 hours! So, every briquette of pressed fuel smolders 20 minutes, preventing the formation of white ashes. Then it is replaced with the new one. The briquettes Bradley are made of natural wood species without any additions. The manufacturers of Bradley Smoker are still learning the taste qualities of food, cooked by means of smoker. In this way, they improve both the smoker and the recipes.
We wish you an excellent cooking and pleasure from the use of Bradley Smoker for many years.