The history of world-famous Maclaren began way back in 1940 when the British test-pilot and engineer Owen Maclaren realized a number of his design ideas. The first consumer project of Maclaren Company was presented in 1961. It was a light aluminum picnic chair with the “umbrella-type” folding system. A few years later, being a happy grandfather, O. Maclaren transferred the idea of extremely lightweight umbrella-construction to the baby stroller. In those days, the strollers looked and moved rather clumsy and needed the introduction of new mechanisms and technology. A new stroller- cane from Maclaren was intended to change the idea of maternity as the painful duty and become highly mobile and easy-to-use means of transportation for the children. Maclaren creates a real sensation in the world stroller industry- the “canes” gained fantastic popularity. In 1978 Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II presented O. Maclaren with the order of the Memory of the British Empire for the achievements in aircraft and transport design.

The extension of Maclaren Company standards was connected with the turning ideas of introduction of innovations and working on the safety of output goods. In 1981 the company patented the unique construction of rotatory front wheels and brake gear, which provided it the leading positions among the stroller manufacturers from all over the world. The “stroller-book” continued the series of company’s inventions. It was put into production in 1984 and was suitable even for the newborns. In the beginning of 90s the world saw the first double walking stroller-cane. In 2000 the company developed the model of stroller-cane with cape and updated seat belts, which was fated to become the most popular creation of Maclaren Company. In the course of time, the Maclaren strollers became more and more perfect and comfortable.

The characteristics of Maclaren strollers can satisfy even the most exigent customers, looking for the product combining multifunctionality and efficiency. They are mobile, equipped with the system of folding in a few seconds, seat belts, numerous pockets, raincoat and basket for shopping. Whatever Maclaren stroller you choose you can be sure that you’ll be in the center of public attention.