In this article, we will tell you about the construction of the most common overhead doors. Talking about the components of an automatic gate, we often imagine targets, which are connected to a lifting mechanism. That is, thinking more simply, we have two structural elements of gates, automatic and “the gates themselves.”

However, the automatic overhead doors have quite a complex structure: they consist of the already mentioned attempts, frame with runners, electric drive and other smaller parts. Gates are one piece and sectional. Sectional doors are made up of individual elements connected together so that when opening section are rolled.

The most popular canvas for sections and whole doors – a sandwich-panel, based on the principle of puff pie. Both outer layers – is steel thickness between half a centimeter to 9 mm between the steel plates is a layer of polyurethane foam filler. Door with insulated joints overlap rests on the frame of the opening, which provides good heat and sound insulation.

Let us consider principle according to which the whole door opens: first, the signal from the remote actuator pulls the upper edge of the door. It moves on plastic rollers along the vertical guides on both sides parallel to the movement. The system of lifting arms then captures and holds it horizontally so that the door is located under the ceiling. The reverse movement begins with the release of the door, which gradually descends on the springs to its original position.

Whole gates are very demanding to space. To open these gates, you have to free up some space in front of them that will not allow you to park your car right up to the gate. Another aspect – compliance with torsion springs weight of your door. In the case of excessive load gates weight can “feel” only automatics, and damage may occur through your automatic mechanism.

Sectional gates are composed of horizontal slat-panels. While the actuator pulls the upper edge, the panels are bent almost at right angle. Narrow panels also consist of sandwich-panels, while maintaining all the properties of temperarure insulation and sealing whole doors. Usually gates are sold in the barely perceptible to eye protective pellicle. It is not recommended to take off this pellicle until ita serious damage and loss of appearance. In addition, the best models of sectional doors are equipped with a system of protection from injury, ie, deaf an overlap joints. It is almost impossible to pinch your fingers between the panels of such gates.