If you’ve ever wondered how to install a fountain at your summerhouse or site this article is for you.
The fact that the design of fountains is better to leave to the professionals of this sphere, that should be even mentioned once again: of course, you can make a fountain with your own hands, if you have enough knowledge and skills, but it is unlikely you will be able to create a harmonious unit, which can be projected by a team of professionals. However, this does not mean that you should not collect ideas – your sketches will help professionals to realize exactly that idea that you would like.

As a link between front yard landscape and house exterior vertical sculptures or fountains will suit very well. Their style should be in harmony with the architecture of the main building. Try to arrange them so that the eyes glided over the fountains and sculptures to the main architectural elements of the building.


It is best to design, for example, mini-fountain away from trees and other plantings, which do not tolerate an excess of moisture. Depending on the area of your home grounds and the availability of free space on it you should determine the size of future small or large oasis (of course, we are talking about a fountain). Even for the smallest area it possible to successfully decide how to make a garden fountain, which will present its decoration, a certain highlight.

The type and shape of the fountain depends on the style of the infield or the front yard, where it will be, for example, it is strange to see the Chinese fountains with water lilies, surrounded by German minimalism. However, if you are follower of eclectic or boho chic, the mixture of styles for you has not been canceled, but we must remember that not every mixing looks nice, so before you realize your plans you need to do a lot of sketches (and sometimes the 3D model) to understand how your composition will look like.

Setting the fountain in the yard makes sense for several reasons. First, the flowing water soothes, it helps to balance and focus. Secondly, if you are looking for an original item for unremarkable plot, the fountain is a perfect idea. Third, according to experts in feng shui, fountains attract luck and money (but their installation is necessary to observe all the rules).
As well as swimming pools, fountains require special care, and you have to be ready for this too: if you do not want or are not able to engage in fountain maintenance by yourself, you should be ready to incur the costs of a specialist.