To make a clear distinction between garden ornaments, containers and garden furniture can be difficult. Stone vase with pelargonium – is this a decoration or a container? Determination of garden ornaments taken in this article is simple – perhaps too simple. Ornament for garden we call an object that adorns the garden, even if it is not used for its intended purpose. Thus, a large decorative vase, in which is planted pelargonium, is a garden decoration, and a tub or a plastic pot with the same pelargonium – are just containers.

To garden ornaments can be included many items. This article describes six major groups of ornaments, but this list is not exhaustive – we do not mention wrought lampposts, birdbaths, metal weather vanes and so on. Large garden ornaments – such as for example as the sculpture on a man size – are appropriate in the park, especially if it is planned in the French or Italian style. However, at the site of a typical home will be a place for ornament, if you follow the basic rule: there should not be many garden ornaments, and they should not be too large. Place the decoration mainly in or near the pond or in the places of the garden, where they close the perspective. Pleasure gives the vary process of finding a suitable decoration for the garden. The easiest way to search – browse the catalog of shops that specialize in equipment for garden ponds. The relevant section can be found in directories of shops selling garden tools and other household goods. Sometimes it is possible to find garden ornaments in commission shops, on sales, on the “flea” markets and even in landfills.

Do not forget that being outdoors ornaments for garden are exposed to weathering. Products made of cast iron eventually become fragile and sometimes rust. Lead alloys do not rust, but products made from them are fragile. Raw stone accumulates with lichen much faster than the polished and soft sandstone is rapidly destroyed by water and low temperatures.

In recent years, interest to garden ornaments has grown, but still millions of people are indifferent to them. Ornaments are binding only in the Japanese garden, in all other cases, they may not be. Nevertheless, tasteful ornaments could considerably decorate many gardens.