Garden fountains become more and more popular at the design of private sites, even so they have long been a traditional element of garden decor. Everyone wants to decorate his garden or smallholding, giving it a certain luxury and exclusivity, and garden fountain is the best solution. With it you can create a beautiful piece of paradise, where you and your family can relax and have rest while listening to the murmur of water. Water has a positive effect on a person, it helps to get rest and restore the mind, and the murmur of thin water streams will give you a romantic mood, casts pleasant thoughts.

It is incredibly nice to sit near a garden fountain on a summer day; water spray will help freshening up not only for you, but it also will add moderate moisture for plants to your site. Fountains will help you to restore vitality and strength, to move away from everyday life problems. That is why waterfalls and fountains for the garden will find the proper use anywhere. In order to transform your garden and decorate it with a “zing”, you only need to buy a garden fountain and enjoy not only decorative element, but also an indicator of prestige, nobility and solidity. Guests who see your garden fountain for the first time will be sure that you have a strong sense of beauty and good taste. Decorative fountains can be placed in any garden or at the cottage. You can buy a fountain for the cottage, decorating it with a graceful sculpture, or buy a fountain for the garden, but you need to bear in mind that its appearance should ideally fit into the landscape design creating the necessary atmosphere and mood.

All fountain operation depends on a pump, it is the base. Flow is regulated by atomizers, they spray water in different ways, e.g. simply upwards or cascaded, spiral or horizontally. If you want to buy a garden fountain or a cottage fountain, you need only to choose the sculpture to taste. It can be an elegant classic, antique style, rustic simplicity or natural forms. This variety of sizes and shapes allow to place fountains both at large and at the small courtyard.

On the open area without trees and outbuildings large artsy fountain will look good. It is better to set away from the house, as because of the strong flow the walls may dampen. In the garden small decorative items will look perfect. They can be installed near the gazebo or benches, so you can admire the sparkling water and a nice rest. You can buy a garden or cottage fountain in different sizes, shapes and styles, for example hi-tech, made of stainless steel and composite materials. The market presents a variety of garden fountains, pond fountains and indoor decorative fountains out of natural materials.