The history of the garden sculpture began many centuries ago, when there was a tradition in the East to put at the entrance of the house symbolic figures, designed to protect the entrance of the house from evil spirits. In ancient Greece and Rome, the statues of gods and heroes adorn the gardens of the nobility. In Russia the custom of decorating gardens with sculptures was introduced by Peter I, setting in the Summer Garden in St. Petersburg to educate the nobility more than a hundred specially imported from Italy sculptures depicting ancient gods, allegories and various Roman emperors. Following this pattern, many nobles set in their estates sculptures in antique style. In Soviet times, a garden sculpture, as well as under Peter, was carrying more educational and propaganda value, not always meeting the requirements of good taste.


These days, garden sculpture is used in landscape design active, but not always appropriate. Not all wishing to establish in his garden a sculpture pay attention to the harmony of its location relative to the other elements of the landscape, material and proportion. Observance of a few simple rules and laws allow gracefully and tastefully decorate your garden and avoid common mistakes.
Sculpture in the gardens of various styles

For the garden in the regular (formal or French) style are most suitable classic garden figures from expensive, high-quality materials: precious wood, marble, bronze. They need to look expensive, solemn, majestic and certainly appropriate. Garden in the regular style is impossible to imagine without topiary shapes.

Garden in the landscape (English) style is as close to the natural landscape. All elements of such site, including decorative sculptures for the garden, should carelessly and at the same time organically fit into the landscape without disrupting its harmony. It is in this garden are appropriate ceramic garden figurines and original multicolored lights.

Traditional Japanese garden of stones already with its name tells, what kind of garden sculpture fit for it. Original boulders and stones, stone sculptures, symbolically representing animal spirits and guardians, Japanese lanterns will make finished composition of such a garden.
Garden in village style offers largest expanse of imagination and sense of humor of the owner. That it will look great sculptures of birds and animals, wooden garden sculptures, and also original sculptures for the garden, literally made from scrap materials and garden tools.

Thus, one of the main criteria when choosing a sculpture for garden should be its relevance and compliance with the style of the garden. Of course, you can mix styles, but you need to have impeccable taste, self-confidence and personal style.