Summer canopies and gazebos are perhaps the most common places of outdoor recreation. There you can feel in the midst of nature, but at the same time without giving up the comforts of home.

You do not have to sit on the ground or bare rocks – almost any gazebo is equipped with benches and tables of various designs, which unobtrusively perform their functions without breaking the natural atmosphere.

Unlike the classical type of gazebos, this type has no floor, but has a colonnade, supporting a number of rafters. Between there are tiny gaps mounted rafters, which is why there is no guarantee of protection from the rain. The canopy can be treated with a special coating that will retain the structure and be sufficiently stable to UV light.

In fact, the garden gazebos and canopies are two parts of a whole, as it is quite difficult to imagine gazebo without a roof. If this is feasible and, only in the event that is going to summer gazebo made of metal, where the roof is replaced by living plants that are giving shadow.
In any other case, the canopy is always included into the structure of the gazebo. By and large gazebo is a stylized and adapted to rest on the nature canopy.

Gazebo-canopy is essentially a fairly simple construction – in contrast to the residential buildings it has a lightweight structure that makes it possible to build it with your own hands, even without professional construction skills.

Gazebo canopies and tents may be of any kinds and forms, but the main thing is that they should correctly fit in the cottage interior.
And because of this construction must be placed in a good location and in an appropriate environment:
Holiday gazebos and canopies, according to the rules of design, should be installed at the end of the perspective ratio. The best place is a conjunction of garden paths or the hill, which offers a beautiful view.

It is also customary to put the gazebo near the streams and ponds, providing an ability to enjoy the water.
A better place to build a gazebo canopy is among the bushes and other plants. Gazebo canopies look especially beautiful in the country, twined with vines.

It is best to use pine boards, as the price of this material is quite affordable and at the same time it has good performance characteristics.
Note! Before use all wooden elements need to be treated with a special compound that protects against mold, fungus and precipitation. The impregnation may be colorless or toned.

Gazebo canopy for summer house is an excellent option if you want to build a structure quickly and not to engage in capital construction works. The ease of use and functionality of this canopy is not inferior to ordinary pergola and gazebo, especially if it is supplemented with barbecue, gets the wiring and a socket.