Tin ceilings look aristocratically and became more and more popular. It is caused by their great variety and ability of satisfying different tastes in decoration.

The general sizes of the white tin are 2X2 foots, but you can also find section of the sizes 2X4 foots. The sections may be previously painted, or you can paint them yourself. Previously painted sections are usually silver, golden or bronze.

The process of installation of the tin ceiling is also quite simple: you’ll need nails, hammer, drill, chalk, tape-measure and gloves. While installing tin ceiling sections yourself, remember, that the of the plate borders are extremely sharp. Be careful not to hurt yourself.

While installing tin ceiling, you should be patient. You’ll have to locate the sections, so that the pattern looks beautiful and there is not any gap between sections. It would be better to make tin ceiling together with somebody, so that you can direct and correct each other.
If the tin ceiling looks rather boring, you should add wooden rods between tin sections. In such a way you’ll make your ceiling look elegant and comfortable.

The ornamented tin ceiling is a perfect decoration for any accommodation.