This weekend, lots of power sport fans arrived at the Olympia Fitness & Performance Weekend, which took place in Las Vegas, Nevada. During the final contest held last Saturday, Shawn Rhoden was creating history by defeating the sevenfold champion Phil Heath.

Alongside with the contest, Generation Iron Fitness & Bodybuilding Network was engaged in creating the trailer for Generation Iron 3, the third part of their grandiose documentary films about bodybuilding. They explain that this movie will be released at the end of the year, but haven’t specified an exact date.

In the past year, Generation Iron 2 was produced in May, and although it turned out a bit scattered, it did an excellent work in demonstrating how much bodybuilding has altered since its establishment and the countless ways sportsmen earn a living off-stage. Follow the link to read our complete review.

That leads us to the next trailer of Generation Iron 3. In place of a documentary film on the developing digital landscape of bodybuilding, Generation Iron 3 seems to be concentrated on the growing world landscape, with much time devoted to the sport developing base in India, the Near East and other places.

The first part of video covers the development of bodybuilding around the world and how the contest is becoming increasingly strict and competitive, while its second part includes quotations and sportsmen we look forward to see.

So who we will see in Generation Iron 3? YouTube description to the video contains the following information,

“With the participation of such sportsmen as Regan Grimes, Hadi Choopan and Kai Greene, and performances of such legends as Jay Cutler and Rich Gaspari – Generation Iron 3 broadens its concept with a truly holistic approach to demonstrating the perfect shape.”

After a second film that that couldn’t reflect the essence of bodybuilding’s development, the third film definitely seems more intensive and outright than its precursor.