Your daughter is no longer a baby, and she needs to build her own room? The task is not easy, but interesting and very important. Girl bedroom must meet several requirements: deep and healthy sleep, safety, creating a good mood, which directly affects the condition of the body, a positive aura for games and activities, as well as the warmth and comfort, because the inner world of a young lady are gradually revealed here.


Color has a great influence on the personal development of every person, particularly the young and growing one. You need to choose the color scheme according to the temperament and psychological type of your girl. It is important that she would be comfortable with the surrounding colors. Better if she would participate in the choice of colors for her room, show her a few design options with different color schemes and let her choose the one that she will like.

So, if parents are taking the process of colors selecting for the room of their girl responsibly, they should carefully study each color, its effects and the combination with other colors.

The most favorable colors for the girl’s room are white, turquoise, green, beige, blue, orange and pink.

White color due to its neutral is a good fit to absolutely any type of temperament, and it is able to enlarge the space visually, whereby the child will feel in this interior comfortably and freely.

Effect of zoning has become increasingly popular in recent years, especially in children’s rooms. This technique allows you to divide the room into two parts: area for sleeping, playing games, or receiving guests, and the classes. For children, it is useful that it teaches them to order and regularity. Zoning can be created softly using the color. That is the area of sleep is to be designed with one color, more calm and relaxing (pale purple, lilac, pink, beige, milky, light brown); for gaming (guest) area to pick up more invigorating and cheerful color (orange, red, green, yellow); and for studies area cold colors fit, cause that will help to focus the mind and keep cool-headedness (blue, white, turquoise).

What should be noted with respect to furniture – that is its comfort and functionality. The size of the bed should fully comply with girl height (it can be a little bigger, but it can’t be smaller). It is better to buy orthopedic mattress. The functionality of the furniture also plays a significant role. If the bed has drawers for storing various things, it significantly saves space of the room itself, it is possible to avoid unnecessary locker or bedside table. For children space is very important.

Wardrobe for girls should be capacious, because young ladies always have a lot of dresses. But it is desirable that it is not too high. For the girl it has to be very easy to get to the top shelves. It is better wider than the above. Built-in sliding door wardrobe will be an excellent alternative.