You should not skimp for comfort in the kitchen as our food, and, consequently, our health depends largely from it. Cheap, low quality knives won’t last long, and soon need to be replaced. Therefore, the most reasonable solution is to opt for branded products, which are known for excellent quality. Brazilian Tramontina brand is now recognized in more than 110 countries worldwide. For the production of knives, the manufacturer uses a stainless sheet and plate steel that has a high durability, ductility, corrosion resistance and heat resistance. Vinzer knife sets are well-known for not only high quality but also the elegant design. Perfect product quality of Spanish brand Arcos also gained world fame and a reasonable price-quality ratio gives the Arcos products particularly popularity. German pedantry is widely known. In its best sense, it is manifested in the approach to the virtually perfect quality products under the brand Berghoff and Gipfel. The advantage of these blades is that they casting design in which there are no seams between the handle and the blade.

It turns out that there are many types of knives, and each of them has its own special purpose. Each of them has a different shape of the blade and edges of the cutting surface. In the set of experienced cooks, usually there are at least 20 instruments. However, conventional kitchen set does not require such diversity. As the necessity it is considered the presence of three main knives with conventional blades and the pointed end – large, medium and small. In addition, you need a twisted knife for cutting bread and kitchen ax for cutting large pieces of meat.

The basic components of any knife are the handle and the blade.

The easiest solution would be to give preference to a wooden handle option. Today knives with a plastic handle are in vogue, but in this case the choice of products has to be especially critical. Plastic must be heat-resistant and high-tech, and its fixation with the blade – tight. It is important that the rivets are secure and carefully polished. Especially avoid models with molded plastic handle without rivets, blade of knife cannot be safely secured, and therefore, in the process it shatters and falls out very quickly. As for the metal handle, the practicality of it cannot be denied, but comfortable working in the kitchen in this case should not expected.

The blades

Best knife blades are forged ones. Most modern kitchen knives are made of stainless steel with chromium, due to the qualities of which the blade becomes very strong. When looking upon the knife before the purchase, it is important to pay attention to its color. Similarity of colors characterizes the quality of the alloy.