Grizzly Bear is a subspecies of brown bear, which is found in Alaska and western Canada. In appearance grizzly is similar to a Siberian subspecies of the brown bear.
In general, grizzly is much larger than Siberian brown bear, it is stronger and heavier. A distinctive feature of the grizzly is its size. At the height an adult male grows up to 2.8 meters and weigh up to 500 kilograms, but in nature can be found animals, the growth of which is up to 4 meters. Grizzly Bear has powerful jaws and claws, a length of 15 centimeters. The tail, unlike the brown bear`s, is short. Grizzly shoulders, his stomach and neck are covered with dark brown fur. All the rest of his body is covered with lighter hair, which gives the fur greyish hue.


For today the grizzly bear is found in Alaska and in western Canada. Isolated populations of grizzly bears can be found in northern Idaho, western Montana, north-west of Wyoming and the Northern Cascade Mountains (Washington).


Grizzly Bear as his brown kinsman hibernates. Grizzly feed with plant food , and only at a young age, he climbs trees as claws do not interfere. Grizzly is a good swimmer and easily swims wide rivers, good fishing, skillfully ruins hives to get honey. When walking grizzly is rocking and reloading. When he sees a man grizzlt does not escape and attacks him, but it does so only if it sees danger from man. This is because grizzlies have a poorly developed sense of smell and hearing and eyesight, and often bear confuses human with an animal. With the risk or irritation rizzly immediately rushes into the fray, he squeezes his opponent in his powerful paws and tears it of with his teeth and help himself with claws.
Aggressiveness of grizzly can be easily understood, as happened in the 20th century its extermination. People, regardless of whether the bear was a threat to their lives, hunted and killed him. For the head of a bear even relied prize.


Estrus at grizzly bears begins in May and lasts for one month. In order to determine its partner bears use standard categories such as odor, mark in its own territory, and others. The males are fighting among themselves, and during the hard battles gave a loud roar. Despite the fact that males for three weeks guard selected females from other males, females in estrus period can mate with several males.
Bear cubs are born 8 months later. The female gives birth to 2 to 3 bear cubs, whose body is covered with sparse fur. The cubs are born blind, with an overgrown ear canal and they weigh only 500 grams. The body length of newborn grizzlies is 25 centimeters. After three months, bear cubs grow to the size of a small dog. With educating of young deals female. Young grizzlies grow up to 11 years.
Mexican and Canadian grizzlies are listed as endangered.