We all know how important it is to use a towel while exercising in the gym. Gym is a place where a lot of people are involved. Unfortunately, it’s also a place where germs and bacteria spread rapidly. In this connection it is necessary to be cautious and take care of yourself so as not to spread germs on your own and not to be in contact with other people’s germs.

The first question that comes to mind when we are going to buy a towel to the gym, it is a question of the size of a towel.
This question has no single answer. Everyone chooses for himself a towel of convenient size. Most often it is a towel in size 50×100. It is not too large, it is comfortable to wear in the room. This towel is ideal if you do not have a large body or use a towel to wipe the sweat from his face and body.


It is worth paying attention to two nuances. First, it is not necessary to wipe your hands with a towel, which you wipe the sweat in the gym from the face and body. The hands are constantly in contact with the machines. If you wipe the face and hands with the same towel, you risk to pass the infection to your face and as a result pimples may appear on the face.

Second, use a towel with tags on one side. That way you’ll always know which side is in contact with fitness machines and which one – with your body.

The ideal option is to use a separate, small towel for hands.

If you work most of the time at the exerciser or you are have a large body, pay attention to the large towels. For example 70×140 or 80×150. These towels are convenient to use because they cover most of the fitness equipment and your body is not in contact with the surface.
The quality of the towels in the gym is usually the second question we ask ourselves. You have to understand what characteristics should have a towel at the gym.

The towel should be one of high quality. After all, the towel will be washed after each visit to the gym. High quality towels withstand a lot of washings; thus they do not lose original color and form. Towels are usually made of high quality 100% Egyptian cotton.
Pay attention to the temperature at which you can wash a towel. The temperature should be no lower than 60 degrees. At this temperature microbes and bacteria are killed.

Towel has to absorb moisture well, to be soft and pleasant to the touch. With these demands towels made from 100% cotton cope at best. Furthermore towels from natural materials do not irritate the skin and do not cause allergy.

The towel to the gym should cheer up, encourage energy and give cheerfulness. We recommend choosing a sports towel of bright colors and designs. That is yellow, green, red, bright green, deep blue color. The towel is now part of fitness to practice in the gym. Stylish towel can be a bright addition to your clothes for the gym. Agree, when you are happy with your appearance, your good mood and good mood is a guarantee of effective workout.