The Internet is a virtual currency, one of the most universal and new means of calculating the World Wide Web today. It is quite logical that there were people who have a great desire to illegally appropriate these funds, and the number of intruders increases every month. However, not all owners of Bitcoins know that they can be robbed in the network. And today it will be about exactly how to rob the owners of various crypto currencies.

But first you need to come back some time ago to remember the story. Directly Bitcoin himself was born in 2009, and it originated directly in the World Wide Web. Today  Bitcoins are a good way to pay for the transaction, for the delivered goods or services provided. In fact, this currency has become a full-fledged monetary unit, which has free circulation between market participants.

The peculiarity of this currency is that during the calculations, the intermediary, which the bank usually serves, is excluded. Due to the existence of a decentralized management system, this kind of electronic money freely moves around the Internet, and no one company in the world controls this currency.


And the calculation with the help of Bitcoins is very simple. And sellers often receive electronic money, but there is no commission for conducting transactions. At the same time, cybercriminals consider electronic wallets and exchanges as a cherished goal and a piece from a tasty pie. If you study the material, then the network is full of different stories about how thieves kidnap the Bitcoins. One can confidently say that there are risks, despite this a large number of people using Bitcoin for making money.

Recently, the great popularity of theft of various crypto currencies is their theft through fictitious bank cards by way of their cashing. Only this year, the banks have carried out several major attacks, in which this kind of cards were used.

More attackers often use this tactic as a violation of the work of other people’s computer systems of organizations or servers. In this case, hackers are hoping for a ransom or reward. If we talk about the attacks carried out precisely under this scheme, the most “loud” of them is:

hacking of the high-speed transport systems;

hacker attack on the American bureau of credit histories Equifax;

hacker attack on the Uber service taxi service;

the emergence of the network virus “Bad Rabbit”.

And more recently, security experts have discovered a new version of the computer virus-encryptor NS7. Its main task is to devour entire computer systems. Therefore, one should always be vigilant about suspicious emails in electronic boxes, as well as visiting unfamiliar sites.

Another way that attackers often use to penetrate into wallets and further steal a crypto currency is its mining. And recently in the network was published a story as one of the employees of the Russian state corporation directly at their workplace equipped a workplace. Or you can take as an example a man whose laptop was used as a source of hidden mining bitcoins as soon as the gadget connected to Starbucks to a wireless Wi-Fi system.

Of course, criminals do not stop there, they regularly come up with various options for circumvention of protection, for example, hacking accounts and accounts of users of stock exchanges of crypto currencies and its holders. In some cases, intruders use weaknesses and kindness of a person, for example, by falsifying various announcements about various options for helping people with severe illnesses.