The hand towel is the one you usually find hanging near the sink and measures about 16”x30”.You will find this versatile size at the spa, fitness center, hair salon, and of course in any bathroom.

Organic Cotton

Certified organic cotton is culled from earth-friendly crops that don’t use synthetic fertilizers or pesticides and are harvested using sustainable methods. Towels made from these fibers may have the same look and feel as standard cotton, but without the excess baggage and larger carbon-footprint.

Egyptian Cotton

Generally considered the highest-quality cotton because of its extra-long fibers and high-absorbency, Egyptian cotton is typically the top choice for luxury hotels and spas. Turkish Cotton – Similar to Egyptian cotton with extra-long fibers, this premium cotton is grown exclusively in the Turkish region. Turkish cotton towels are soft, luxurious and absorbent, though not quite as much as the premium Egyptian alternative.

Pima Cotton

Grown in the American Southwest using the same plants as Egyptian cotton, Pima Cotton is considered a superior fiber and renowned for its strength and durability. Also known by the brand name “Supima”.


Usually a Bamboo/Cotton blend, but sometimes 100% bamboo. Bamboo grows quickly and doesn’t require pesticides. It is highly absorbent which makes it an excellent choice for towels. Bamboo blends are very soft, supple, color-fast, luxurious, and are a naturally anti-bacterial fabric.

Microfiber Blends

Microfiber is starting to make headway in the towel market as a newer alternative. Typically a polyester blend, microfiber towels can absorb a remarkable amount of water. The high-tech blends can be adjusted to create towels that are plush and luxurious.


The important thing you need to check is the color. During the first time washing, the bad towel will make the whole water into the towel’s color, and you will find the same situation during the second time washing; while the good towel is quite different, it only have little loose color. What is loose color? it is the color left during the dying. It is normally.

Other important thing is the feeling of the towel. A good towel should be very soft, and very absorbent after put into water.

Tips for buying the towel: it would be better to buy a brand towel. Then you will know this towel is properly produced and the cotton used is under supervise.

A good towel will make you just like doing a SPA; while a bad towel will destroy your skin, even damage your health.