Relatively recently we received a curious tradition – to compile a list of what you’d like to do be given for Christmas (such a list in English is called a “Christmas wish list”) and birthday (“Birthday wish list”). A child, for example, asks his mother for a new game. But she is in no hurry to buy it. She says: “Bring in the name of the game into the” Christmas Wish List “or” The list of desired gifts for the birthday. ”

After a while, the child wished again, but now something else. And adults again offer him to put the thing he wants into the list. This list will be drawn up for several months. By the way, the child may change his mind and make a list of names crossed out instead of something else. And it is – just wonderful. A growing person has time to reflect and assess his own desires slowly.

List of desired, parents can restrict. Let it be, let’s say, 10 points – by the number of relatives and friends, whose coming forward to the feast. In this case, the child has to a few months before the holiday carefully choose what he wants to receive as gifts. You can leave one or two points in the list called “Surprise.” Let donors themselves come up with what to buy.

Beginning to make a “wish list” you can purchase along with the baby a beautiful notebook and do there cherished records. Lists can be illustrated by drawings. And you can hang on the wall a large piece and to lead on it “wish list”, accompanying each item with a picture or sticker pasted.

The list can be adjusted, and even rewrite (remake) several times, waiting for a holiday. But when the final list is ready, show it to relatives and to all those invited to the feast, and they decide who will give which to the child. After the presentation of gifts took place, parents offer child to start writing the next “wish list.”

In my opinion, this is a very good in terms of pedagogy tradition. Try to use it! After all, children’s wishes regarding gifts require an indispensable ordering from adults. Unthinkable, impossible to buy and to give children everything they want and when they want it. So let us, dear adults insert into confusion of childhood dreams (which is quite natural for the kids!) some adults ordering (which should be the wise course for adults!).